God Spotting

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Power of Prayer-

God Spotting

We can find God in everything we see, hear, and do.  


I was in the car running errands today. It was a normal clear day, and I was at an intersection with a stop sign waiting to turn right.  I am not sure how I did not see the car; however, I started to "think" about turning right and I began to inch the car onto the road when I clearly heard His voice in my head saying, "STOP'!  There it was--a red car (no lights on-I personally feel we should use lights in the day as well as night) coming down the road.  I stopped and thanked God for His eyes.  Even though I did not come close to hitting this car, I know that I would have continued to pull out if I had not heard His Holy Spirit guidence to stop and look again.  He sees things we do not and praying for His protection even on short drives is something that I will continue to do.  
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