Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 13:41

Casting Crowns has this wonderful song, Nobody that has become one of my favorite songs. As we are in a crisis that most of us have never lived through in history, Praise and Worship music has helped me to remain calm, find peace, and feel comforted. In addition, songs like: Same Power by Jeremy Camp, You Never Let Go by AJ Michalka, and In Jesus Name by Israel & The New Breed have reminded me to hold onto my Savior and trust Him through this storm.

Yet, Nobody is not a just a reminder to hold onto my Lord- but a challenge. To explain, the lyrics:
“Moses had stage fright and David brought a rock to a sword fight” illustrates that I have a purpose and regardless of my weaknesses, God wants me to use my gifts to share the Gospel. When I do, then I am - “somebody trying to tell anybody about somebody Who saved my soul”.

With the isolation recommendation, I have wondered what can I do to help others? I cannot work due to lower numbers of surgical cases, thus, the need for personnel is reduced in the Operating rooms. Moreover, I have family members with “immune compromise” conditions who I do not want to expose to this virus by taking unnecessary chances. Here is what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me that I can do:

1. Pray- Pray for our family, friends, neighborhood, community, city, state, country, world!
2. Call those who cannot go out and check on them weekly to see if they need any supplies.
3. Stay connected to those who are alone during these times. Even if I cannot see them, communication via phone, text, or even letters can help someone feel like they matter.
4. Use social media to point others to Christ.
5. Provide financial support to those in need. (ex: ordering take-out can provide monetary support to small businesses or continuing to provide funds to organizations who help those less fortunate -like a food bank). provide service and/or supplies to your door (ex: postal workers, UPS/FED EX/Amazon drivers, Waste management employees).

Let’s all think of ways to become “somebody trying to tell anybody about somebody Who saved my soul! Although Nobody but Jesus can save us, our actions and words can point others in His direction.

**Daily, on social media, I post one Praise and Worship song in the morning, and then in the evening at 10:00pm, I post a photo of a lit candle with a different prayer that is on my heart. 


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