Sunday, November 7, 2021, 17:17

Question:  How does one get Christ Confidence?                                                                                      

Response: What or Who are you relying on?

Recently, while studying the book of Matthew, I came across the story of Peter walking on water (Mat.14:24-31). This story is often used to illustrate Peter’s bold faith as he stepped out of the boat and walked on water. However, Peter lost focus of Christ and began to sink. Peter cried out, “Lord save me!” (Mat. 14:30). Even though scripture does not say it, I think Peter was questioning in his mind, “What the heck just happened? Why did I sink?” Scripture only shows Christ’s response, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”  Jesus asked Peter a question so he would think about why his faith faltered. One reason is that the storm with all its noise, wind, and waves distracted Peter; however, I think Peter’s faith wavered before he even got out of the boat.

Let me explain, Peter and the other disciples saw Jesus walking towards them on water and thought Jesus was a ghost, and they trembled in fear (v26). Jesus’ response to them: “Take courage, it is I! Do not be afraid” (v 27). Now, listen to Peter’s reaction in verse 28, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”  I highlighted, “if it is You”- this is where Peter doubted! Jesus had just told them it was Him.

Just like Peter, I have doubted (I guess Thomas should not be the only one with that nickname 😉). I know God has spoken to me-maybe, not audibly, but through scripture, music, sermons, and Holy Spirit whispers to my spirit. There have been many times when I have asked, “If it is You, show me this is what You want me to do or say.”  It was only recently that I heard Jesus answer my question with a question, “Why do you doubt”? He does not want me to sink-thus, my trust in Him has to come before I step out of the boat. Leaving the boat is an action of a faith that is already grounded in knowing my Savior.

Finally, Christ Confidence is gained when you spend time with Him. Ask yourself, “What or Who am I relying on: self-knowledge/ability, education, job/money/possessions, news, or government?” When you feel the storms of doubt and fear brewing, remember what He has already told you-“It is I-Do not be afraid!”

**In counseling, one of the best ways to answer a question is with another question. This technique requires the person to think about a way to answer the question himself. It creates a step towards an inward self-reflection. Ultimately, people know what they should do, and although some questions have obvious answers, the struggle is more with NOT wanting to hear the answer because the answer requires a change in thinking and/or actions.

Jesus used this technique throughout His ministry. Whether conversing with His disciples, religious leaders, or to the public who came to Him, He often responded to their questions with His own question. Thus, I believe God is leading me in this direction to recreate Christ-A-Tarian’s posts with a question that is answered with another question. May this new look for my blog be a blessing to all who read it.

Suggested Song: Waymaker

Tina wrote:
Sunday, November 7, 2021, 18:50
Good points! May we always put our confidence in Christ and step out of the “boat” in faith keeping our eyes on the Savior! He alone will keep us from sinking in the storms of life!
Spencer wrote:
Monday, November 8, 2021, 07:18
Christ confidence is the best kind of confidence!
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