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I never realized how much of a movie fan I was until I started writing and using movies to “draw in” my readers. My next film to “grab your attention” is Rocky – not the first one, or the second one, and not even the third one; my choice for today is Rocky IV. There is something about this storyline that stands out for me. Maybe it’s because it was released the year I graduated from high school (yes, I know, I just revealed my age 😊), or maybe it is because it is the most patriotic one in the series. Anyways, as a quick recap. Rocky travels to Russia (Soviet Union at the time) to fight a TANK of a man, Drago who previously killed Apollo Creed in an exhibition fight. At the beginning of Rocky’s fight, Drago -standing a full mountain over Rocky, threateningly says, “I Must Break You”! Although Drago meant Rocky’s bones, this post is going to focus more on Rocky’s broken spirit (something we all can relate to in 2020). To explain, due to the death of his friend, Apollo, Rocky’s spirit had been shattered. His heart ached, his mind was tormented, and his love for the sport of boxing was gone. This leads our champ to a wintery, Russian farm where, with consistent training, unyielding determination, and unwavering dedication, Rocky’s fighting spark is re-ignited.

Currently, with so much loss and uncertainty from both Covid-19 and protests turned violent, it is apparent that our world has changed, but our God has NOT. In a similar way to Rocky’s rekindled progression, we must Remember to Not Forget what God has done for us in the past. To illustrate, before his training montage in Russia, the audience is privy to Rocky’s memories while the song, “No easy way out” by Robert Tepper is playing. Thus, with the upcoming anniversary of 911, it is vital that Americans do not forget how this country pulled together during one of the worst times in our history. We supported our leaders, our firefighters, our police, our communities, our cities, our states, and UNITED WE STOOD-together for our country.

Recently, it was reported that the 9/11 Memorial & Museum decided to cancel the twin beam light tribute for 9/11. Thankfully, many Americans adamantly spoke out against this decision. One example was Frank Siller (he lost his brother, a heroic firefighter on 9/11), who chose to remember what we stand for by doing something. Specifically, he told Fox News, “All I know is that the Tunnel to Towers Foundation wants to make sure that we never forget the sacrifice that was made on Sept. 11 and the loss of life. That's what our responsibility is. That's why we are going to make sure we are reading those names live on Sept. 11”.

Praising God, due to the outpouring of patriotic responses like Siller’s, the decision was rescinded, and the twin beams will light the sky of NYC once again on 9/11/20.

Ultimately, America can overcome this pandemic and work towards healing a broken, conflict-ridden divided country. First, Christians can take the lead by consistently praying for God’s will over our own agenda; expressing an unyielding Christ-like attitude towards everyone (especially those who we do not see eye-to eye with certain “HOT” topics); and showing through intentional actions an unwavering love to those in need. When one person takes a stand – like Stiller, others will follow, and we can heal this nation.

*(Spoiler Alert)* In the end, of course, Rocky wins the match, and the American flag is draped over his body. His victory was more than just the “knock-out” of Drago – it was a triumphed moment because he remembered who he was and the beautiful country he represented. Interestingly, not only did he win the fight, he even won the hearts of the Russians who “booed” him in the beginning.

Hence, it is once again time to proudly wrap the American flag around ourselves, our communities, our cities, our states, and OUR country- We must Remember to NOT Forget: We are One Nation Under God.
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